Transparency Plan

Pledging a new era of greater transparency and accountability, Governor Kathy Hochul has directed New York State agencies, authorities and boards to assess and evaluate their existing policies and practices and create a plan detailing their new efforts to increase transparency and accessibility. The New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) has developed the following plan for agency action steps designed to increase public participation and access to information.


Read The 2021 NYSOFA Transparency Plan

Read NYSOFA's 2024 Transparency Plan Update

New York State Plan on Aging 2023-2027

Public participation and access to information is fundamentally embodied in NYSOFA’s New York State Four-Year Plan on Aging. This foundational document guides NYSOFA's statewide operations and establishes specific community outreach expectations of NYSOFA, its community partners, and contractors who provide services to older adults.



Open Data NY

Open Data NY at is a hub for one-stop access to information that helps the public better understand what is happening in government at the state, local, and federal levels. Open Data NY increases transparency, improves government performance, empowers New Yorkers to participate in government, and encourages research and economic opportunities statewide.

As part of its transparency plan, NYSOFA is expanding the information that it posts on Open Data NY.


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About NYSOFA's Quarterly Reports

NYSOFA's transparency plan calls for the publication of quarterly data reports for various programs, including the numbers of people served and the types of services requested in those programs. These quarterly reports are posted below as information is collected and verified. 

    HIICAP and MIPPA Quarterly Reports

    NY Connects Quarterly Reports

    Long Term Care Ombudsman Program Reports


    Annual Reports


    Facility Coverage




    Program Activities


    Visits Per Month


    Facilities With No Visits

    Other Reports