Single Year Contracts



This AGREEMENT is hereby made by and between the State of New York agency (STATE) and the public or private agency (CONTRACTOR) identified on the face page hereof.                                                               


WHEREAS, the STATE has the authority to regulate and provide funding for the establishment and operation of program services and desires to contract with skilled parties possessing the necessary resources to provide such services; and

WHEREAS, the CONTRACTOR is ready, willing and able to provide such program services and possesses or can make available all necessary qualified personnel, licenses, facilities and expertise to perform or have performed the services required pursuant to the terms of this AGREEMENT;

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the promises, responsibilities and covenants herein, the STATE and the CONTRACTOR agree as follows:

I.          Conditions of Agreement

A.  This AGREEMENT may consist of successive periods (PERIOD) as specified within the AGREEMENT or within a subsequent Modification Agreement(s) (Appendix X).  Each additional or superseding PERIOD shall be on the forms specified by the particular State agency, and shall be incorporated into this AGREEMENT.

B.  Funding for the first PERIOD shall not exceed the funding amount specified on the face page hereof.  Funding for each subsequent PERIOD, if any, shall not exceed the amount specified in the appropriate appendix for that PERIOD.

C.  This AGREEMENT incorporates the face pages attached and all of the marked appendices identified on the face page hereof.

D.  For each succeeding PERIOD of this AGREEMENT, the parties shall prepare new appendices, to the extent that any require modification, and a Modification Agreement (The attached Appendix X is the blank form to be used).  Any terms of this AGREEMENT not modified shall remain in effect for each PERIOD of the AGREEMENT.