Master Plan for Aging Council Meeting
December 16, 2022

Master Plan for Aging Council Kicks-Off Intensive Process of Planning, Community Engagement, Policymaking 

Master Plan for Aging Council Kicks-Off Intensive Process of Planning, Community Engagement, Policymaking 

The state's Master Plan for Aging (MPA) process officially kicked-off in December with a meeting of The Master Plan for Aging Council followed by the Governor's announcement of a Stakeholder Advisory Committee of experts. 

"As the first age-friendly state in the nation, we continue to take important steps to empower and support older New Yorkers," Governor Kathy Hochul said. "This Master Plan for Aging will provide us with tools to ensure our aging New Yorkers have access to quality long term care in healthy, livable communities where they can thrive." 

The MPA process will include many months of intensive planning, development, engagement sessions, policymaking, upcoming regional listening sessions, and more in the development of the state’s first-ever Master Plan for Aging. 

Master Plan for Aging Council 

The Council, which first met on December 7, is comprised of New York State agency leaders who are helping to coordinate work across several areas in developing a roadmap of age-friendly policies, supports, community infrastructure, health services, and more for older adults and people of all ages through the MPA. The council is led by NYSOFA and the New York State Department of Health (DOH). 

During the December council meeting, NYSOFA and DOH presented context on the MPA, including the MPA structure and design in Executive Order No. 23, its origin in longstanding policymaking across agencies, and its holistic approach to support all people as they age, not just older adults.  

The state agencies, in turn, presented some of their existing work and intended areas of focus. This work includes efforts by the Office of Mental Health to meet the behavioral health needs of older adults through the Geriatric Mental Health Council, smart-growth planning through the Department of State to create livable communities for people as they age, and age-friendly employment programs through the Department of Labor, among many other examples.   

The next meeting of the Council is scheduled for early January.  

MPA Stakeholder Advisory Committee  

On December 16, Governor Hochul also announced members of the MPA’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee, "bringing together experts from across the lifespan on a roadmap of new opportunities for New Yorkers as they age, recognizing that age-friendly communities are communities that support the entire family, regardless of age,” said NYSOFA Director Greg Olsen in the Governor's announcement.  

This committee will meet in early January to provide input to the Master Plan Council of State Agencies. Ensuring a broad and inclusive process, the committee is also tasked with considering feedback and input from peer experts in their respective fields across the state via a series of statewide stakeholder engagement sessions and subcommittees in collaboration with the Council of state agencies. 

What's Next 

NYSOFA and DOH are working in a coordinated fashion to frame and guide the next upcoming Council and Stakeholder Advisory deliberations.  

The teams are also developing a website and other communications vehicles (including a newsletter and/or listserv) to keep stakeholders and the public informed of news, events and opportunities for input. Please be on watch for these items, bookmark them, and subscribe to receive relevant updates. In the meantime, you can find background information and recent news releases on our website here.  

Please provide any input to [email protected] and cc NYSOFA at [email protected] with the subject line "Master Plan for Aging."