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Long Term Care Ombudsman Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Ombudsmen provide an essential service to some of our most vulnerable people. Check out our Volunteer Spotlight series.
Long Term Care Ombudsman Volunteer Spotlight
Volunteer Ombudsmen Make a Difference


The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (LTCOP) is a resource for older adults and people with disabilities who live in long-term facilities such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other licensed adult care homes.

Volunteer Ombudsmen provide an essential service to some of our most vulnerable people. They bring lifetimes of expertise from various careers, transforming these skills into education, empowerment, and advocacy. They serve as vital mediators between facility residents and their care teams to identify complaints and concerns, monitor care, investigate complaints, help correct problems, and more. 

To thank our brilliant volunteers for their years of dedicated service, we are sharing this Volunteer Spotlight series. We hope you listen to their stories, are moved by their experiences, and consider becoming a Volunteer Ombudsman today. 

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Lynda Ames is a highly committed volunteer for the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program who never misses a weekly visit to her assigned facility, meeting with residents and assisting with quality of life or care concerns. Ames is extremely outgoing and approachable and is comfortable striking up conversations with residents. She is determined in seeing problems through to resolution by faithfully raising resident concerns to facility staff and finding out workable solutions. 

Sister Barbara Jean Donovan has been an ombudsman volunteer with Region 10 since January of 2022. She serves four floors of residents at Loretto Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center. It did not take long for the residents to get to know her and open up about their concerns. The residents say that Sister Barbara Jean Donovan is kind and patient and provides comfort to the residents while she is assisting them.

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The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (LTCOP) has been meeting with some of the many volunteers who donate their time to helping residents of nursing homes, assisted living, and other long term care facilities. Catch our latest volunteer spotlight videos at the links below. 

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