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The New York State Office for the Aging, together with its affiliate partners, are pleased to advance a new initiative to help municipalities better plan for the housing and community needs of the State's older people, younger people with disabilities, families, and caregivers.
Livable New York: Summary

Livable New York initiative focuses on various areas of community life: housing, universal design, development, planning, zoning, green building, energy alternatives, mobility, and transportation.
Livable New York: Principles

Social trends are transforming the portrait of New York's neighborhood populations and, as a result, the needs and preferences of
community members are changing.
Why Now?
Older New Yorkers Economic and Demographic Data

An informational publication about Livable New York that can be shared with municipal leaders and change makers.
Livable NY brochure

What is a Livable Community?
All across the country there is a growing call among residents, organizations, professional disciplines, and governments to
improve the “livability” of our cities, towns, villages, and neighborhoods. But, what exactly is a livable community?
News article by Vera Prosper, Ph. D.

Elder Law
Originally the “Housing , Planning, & Zoning Initiative,” the initiative expanded in scope and intent.
It was renamed Livable New York. See the basis for Livable New York legislation.