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HIICAP Counselor's Corner


This page has been developed to provide you on-line resources.  We hope that these power-points, webinars and fact sheets help your program to better improve your training and knowledge base.  If you find any areas of concern, please contact the State HIICAP Coordinator.

The HIICAP Notebook

The HIICAP Notebook is the policy and procedures manual for the Health Insurance Information Counseling and Assistance Program.

Access the HIICAP Notebook.

Resource Materials


    2023 Preventive Services Checklist English

    Medicare covers a full range of preventive services to help keep you healthy and find problems early when treatment works best. Ask your doctor what services are right for you and use the space below to track appointment dates, times, and other important information.




    Health Insurance Counseling Brochure

    Making the right choice about your health care plan is an important part of the overall strategy of staying healthy longer. You can use this brochure to help make those crucial decisions, and find out how to get the latest and most accurate information about your options.





    Medicare Basics

    After this presentation, you should be able to: understand Medicare basics, understand Medicare coverage and costs, and describe Medicare drug coverage.



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