Grant-in-Aid MWBE Requirements for Contracts of $25,000 or More

New York State Executive Law Article 15-A and state regulations (5 NYCRR Parts 140-144) require that all state agencies promote opportunities for certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) and the employment of minority group members and women. Attachment M of the Master Grant Contract outlines the requirements and procedures for business participation opportunities for New York State certified MWBEs and equal opportunities for minority group members and women.

Contracts of $25,000 or greater, are subject to New York State's MWBE requirements. These requirements will also apply to any subcontractors that receive $25,000 or greater.

Along with the other required application materials, contractors must submit a completed:

  • MWBE/EEO Policy Statement (MWBE 100)
  • Staffing Plan (MWBE 101) 
  • MWBE Utilization Plan (MWBE 103)

After approval of the utilization plan, Contractors are also required to complete and submit reporting forms within fifteen days of the end of each contract quarter:

  • Work Force Employment Utilization (MWBE 102) 
  • MWBE Quarterly Report (MWBE 105) 

View more information regarding MWBE requirements.

If your organization has any questions about the requirements or forms, or any concern about your ability to satisfy the MWBE goals specified in Attachment M, please contact MWBE Coordinator or by phone at (518) 408-1709.