ElliQ and User

ElliQ Proactive Care Companion Initiative

ElliQ Proactive Care Companion Initiative
AI Tool Fostering Independence and Engagement

NYSOFA is working with Intuition Robotics to test the efficacy of AI companion technology for older adults, known as ElliQ.  

ElliQ is designed to foster independence and provide support for older adults through daily check-ins, assistance with wellness goals and physical activities, and more using voice commands and/or on-screen instructions.  

ElliQ is proactive and personalized: it initiates conversation, suggests activities, and remembers what users tell it. ElliQ encourages and works with users to set and help achieve goals. It is designed to convey empathy to create trust and drive engagement and behavior change.  

Older adults can also use the platform to contact family or other trusted individuals identified and opted by the user, including Offices for the Aging case managers. All such communications are user-directed. 

NYSOFA’s program includes 834 units being made available to older adults in the community. NYSOFA is working with local offices for the aging to identify older adults who would most benefit from the technology. The initiative has been supported in the New York State budget (both the FY 2023 budget and FY 2024 budget) as part of a package of programs through NYSOFA to address social isolation and provide support for caregivers.  


In 2023, NYSOFA issued a report showing a 95% reduction in loneliness and great improvement in well-being among older adults using the platform. ElliQ users throughout New York have also demonstrated exceptionally high levels of engagement consistently over time, interacting with their ElliQ over 30 times per day, 6 days a week. More than 75% of these interactions are related to improving the older adults’ social, physical and mental well-being.  


For more information on ElliQ, please contact your local county Office for the Aging here. Each county runs their own distribution program for ElliQ.