COVID-19 Checkup tool EPK
What Are Your Chances of Getting COVID-19?

NYSOFA compiled the resources below to help enable our partners and the media spread the word about the COVID-19 Checkup Tool. It is a free, anonymous questionnaire that uses data you provide to predict your chances of contracting the virus, based on your behavior.

Press Release: (9.21.20) NYSOFA Launches Online Tool to Guard Against COVID-19

Social Media: COVID Tool

Suggested COVID tool social media text: # Finding accurate information about your risk from COVID can be difficult – let us help you!  Check out the new CV19 CheckUp Tool, developed by BellAge, Inc, in partnership with NYSOFA and AgingNY to find out your risk of contracting COVID, as well as suggestions for how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during the pandemic. #

Online COVID-19 CheckUp Tool

Adults Over Age 75 Are at High Risk

NYSOFA Director Greg Olsen urges New Yorkers to take the COVID-19 Check Up as part of New York State and Governor Cuomo's pandemic recovery plan. Visit for more information about the data surrounding your risk of getting the virus.

Online COVID-19 Checkup Tool

Find out YOUR risk of contracting the virus

As the vaccine program rolls out, it's important to continue to observe safety protocols. Adults over age 75 remain at high risk for negative outcomes. Take the COVID-19 Checkup launched by Governor Cuomo and NYSOFA. It's free, anonymous, and takes about five minutes to complete: