Awards of More Than $10,000 and Up To $25,000

Awards of More Than $10,000 and Up To $25,000

Guidance and Instruction

If your organization has been awarded a contract from the New York State Legislature and received an award letter from the New York State Office for the Aging, please follow the specific instructions that are based on the size of your grant. If you have questions, please contact 1 (877) 697-6321.

For reference only, do not submit.

Vendor Pre-qualification Requirements

Organizations must register and prequalify in the NYS Grants Gateway. Information about pre-qualification, including a resource manual is available on the Grants Reform Grantees page

The only organizations exempt from this requirement are those that receive total state funding of $5,000 or less. Those organizations have the option of completing and submitting a Vendor Integrity Questionnaire.

Application Forms

These forms must be completed and submitted.

Current proof of Workers' Compensation (C-105.2) and Disability Insurance (DB-120.1) must be submitted with the application or uploaded to your vault in the Grants Gateway. NYSOFA must be listed as the certificate holder.

A Waiver of Interest Agreement  is required if the contract start date will begin less than 4 months from the date of the award letter.

Contract Terms and Conditions

For reference only, do not submit.

All grants are awarded using the NYS Master Contract for Grants. The standard contracting documents for all state agencies are the Master Grant Contract Face Page, Signature Page, and Standard Terms and Conditions. These forms can be viewed on the Grants Reform website.

The approved Budget (Attachment B) and Work Plan (Attachment C) submitted will also be part of the contract. 

All of the contract terms and conditions should be read and understood.

Claim Forms