Awards of $10,000 or Less

Guidance and Instruction

If your organization has been awarded a contract from the New York State Legislature and received an award letter from the New York State Office for the Aging, please follow the specific instructions that are based on the size of your grant. If you have questions, please contact 1 (877) 697-6321.


Application Process Summary effective January 1, 2017: For awards of $10,000 or less, NYSOFA will issue a Purchase Order instead of negotiating a contract.

Terms and Conditions

All grants are awarded using a Purchase Order with a description of the materials/services to be provided and the authorized grant amount, in combination with the State of New York Letter of Agreement and the completed Agency Certification with original signature.

The only initial documentation required to be submitted to NYSOFA is a fully completed Agency Certification with original signature and the Contact Information Form.

Please be aware that NYSOFA cannot process any grant payments prior to receipt of a completed, signed Claim for Payment with required supporting documentation and the completed, signed Agency Certification. The Contact Information Form must also be submitted and a completed Program Progress Report must be submitted prior to, or with your final claim.

The Agency Certification requires that the following be read and understood:

Grantee Pre-qualification Requirements

Not-for-profit grantees receiving legislative grants in excess of $5,000 must register and prequalify in the NYS Grants Gateway.

Information about pre-qualification, including a resource manual is available at Grants Reform.

The only organizations exempt from pre-qualification requirements are those that receive grants awards of $5,000 or less.

Application Forms

These forms must be completed and submitted. 

Claim Forms

Claim for Payment Form (AC3253-S) with accompanying Expenditure Report, Supporting Schedules and required supporting documentation (See: Claiming Forms and Instructions for Grant Awards of $10,000 or Less)