Office for the Aging


Wyoming County Honoree

Frank Wood is a native of western New York. He was born and raised in Orchard Park, and moved to Arcade in 1967. He is a retired teacher from the Pioneer Central School District.

Frank Wood  Pic

Frank has spent over 40 years volunteering for various organizations in Wyoming County. He helped establish the Equine Therapy Program for Suburban Adult Services Inc. He is very active in his church and has been a guest preacher. In April 2012, Frank called the Wyoming County Office for the Aging to offer his services to start a Bereavement Support Group in Wyoming County. As a retired teacher and a very active member of his church, he felt capable of putting together a program to help others with their journey through grief. Because of his own experience in losing his wife he was eager to help others. In October 2012 the first meeting of the Wyoming County Bereavement Support Group occurred. Frank has offered both weekly and bi-weekly meetings, some during the day and others in the evening. He currently has about 12 active members, and over 20 that have come at one time or another, and all of them have personally thanked the county office staff for the program. Frank has written the curriculum and even published a book entitled "Stress Management through Christian Faith and Love." Frank gives of himself every day.

Frank has been involved with volunteering his entire adult life. Frank has always wanted to help people. He was blessed with a strong family and a great career and always looks to do for others.

Frank lost his wife Diane in October 2010 at 62 years of age and his journey through grief was not fun and it continues each day. He believes that through his search to help others with their journey, he has helped himself.