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Warren & Washington County Honorees

Warren County Honoree

Gene Casella came to the area from New York City in 1996. He retired as a manager at IBM after 30 years. He has a loving and supportive family with his wife, Evelyn, and three children Steven, Denice, and Matt along with their families.

Gene Casella Pic

In 1996, Gene first volunteered when he moved to the area. Encouraged by his wife, he started out at the Hyde Museum answering phones. Then his wife, who has been involved with volunteer work since they lived in New York City, suggested he answer a needy call by the Voluntary Action Center for delivering meals to the home bound. He faithfully delivered meals a minimum of three days a week. Soon after he found an opportunity to use the experience he gained while teaching a computer class for nine years. To this day he volunteers once a week in the offices at RSVP and the Warren County Office for the Aging, assisting with data entry and paperwork.

Gene has volunteered for 17 years. When he started volunteering, it was to keep busy; but gradually he found incredible satisfaction in helping people and seeing how he could make a difference.

Volunteering has made Gene realize how fortunate he is and made him aware of the incredible needs some people have.

Lois Lattimore has lived in Glens Falls in Warren County her entire life and she still lives in the house she was born in. She was a dressmaker for many years and a teacher's aide at a local elementary school for 25 years. She has a son and a daughter.

Lois Lattimore  Pic

Lois volunteers for anything and everything at the Glens Falls Senior Center! She has served on the Board of Directors, teaches an osteo class twice a week, serves on the Hospitality committee, is a volunteer driver to take people to medical appointments, and knits for the Glens Falls Hospital's cancer and neo-natal units. She works on all center events and is always available to lend a hand.

Lois has been volunteering for 17 years.

When she started volunteering, it was to make new friends and to stay active within the community. She is now 84 and you would never know it with the level of energy, enthusiasm, and vigor she displays.

Her greatest reward in volunteering is the satisfaction she gets from having helped school kids as well as senior citizens on a daily basis.

Washington County Honorees

Ann Waite was born in Glens Falls, New York and has resided in Washington County for all but eight years since then. While Ann was a stay-at-home mother for 25 years she also ran a beef farm. Ann has four children, 13 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. After raising her family, Ann kept busy with a variety of careers and especially enjoyed being a tour bus driver the most because the people were very friendly.

Ann Waite Pic

After residing in Tampa, Florida for eight years she returned to Washington County to be a companion for her aunt for 14 years. Ann has been volunteering most of her life with the most recent being President of the Washington County Senior Citizens Club and President of the Whitehall Seniors Club. Ann also volunteered several hours at Washington County CARES Aging and Disabilities Resource Center for a year completing office duties.

Ann has volunteered most of her life with various organizations.

When she started volunteering, Ann wanted to be in the public more often and help people as part of staying active. On average Ann spends 15 hours per week volunteering.

Ann's greatest reward from volunteering is seeing others getting involved. Being chosen for Senior of the Year is a great and unexpected reward because she didn't get involved to be recognized.

Mary Woodard is a native New Yorker with four children, ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. In 1999 she retired from an insurance agency. Mary enjoys traveling and has vacationed at a variety of places, with Aruba being her favorite destination.

Mary Woodard Pic

Mary started volunteering by delivering meals to seniors through the Washington County Office for the Aging; she was familiar with the program because her mother also volunteered her time for the same service. Mary has contributed her time with various associations including AARP, Business and Professional Women (BPA), RSVP and Hudson Falls/Fort Edward Senior Center.

Mary has been volunteering for over ten years.

When Mary first retired and started volunteering it was just to occupy some of her time but that changed and now it is for the satisfaction.

"I get more than I give back," she said.