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Ulster County Honorees

Edwin Ford has been actively engaged in community activities and volunteering since 1949. He has lived in NYS for 95 years. He owned a print shop in Kingston for 40 years, served in the United States Air Force at a Weather Headquarters in Brazil, and has served as the City of Kingston Historian since 1984.

Edwin Ford Pic

He speaks regularly to civic groups and has a monthly radio segment on Kingston Community Radio. He was President of Friends of Historic Kingston 15 times, a member since 1965 and assisted with the restoration and selling of local historical properties. Mr. Ford and his wife, Ruth, founded the Klyne Esopus Museum in 1969. Mr. Ford was a member of the Kingston Heritage Area Commission for 27 years, a member of the Historic Landmarks Commission for 29 years, and has been a member of the Old Dutch Church and the Heritage Museum since 1934.

Mr. Ford is very active and continues to participate in the Friends of Historic Kingston. He just completed a lecture at the Senate House Museum on Ezra Fitch, Founder of Abercrombie & Fitch as part of Kingston's Buried Treasure Program.

Mr. Ford has enjoyed his 64 years of volunteering, being an advocate for historic preservation and a local history expert. He has shared his interest and knowledge of history and preservation with his community and with people from all over the United States.

He is a noted author and has written two books, has consulted on several others and is always willing to share his expertise.

Mr. Ford has enjoyed the social networking of communicating his expertise with others and encouraging people to expand their interest in history.

Marion Dumond was born and raised in Callicoon (Sullivan County) and has lived in Ellenville, for the past 48 years. Her education includes a Bachelor's degree Summa Cum Laude from Marywood College and MS in LS from Syracuse University. She is a certified public librarian and spent more than 30 years as library director of the Pearl River Public Library and the Ellenville Public Library and Museum, retiring in 1993, but continuing as short-term interim director in three other libraries subsequently. She is the widow of Paul H. Dumond, the mother of a son, Larry, grandmother of Samantha and Alex, and great-grandmother of Annalese.

Marion Dumond Pic

Mrs. Dumond was the former Library Director of the Ellenville Public Library & Museum. She is the current Chair of the library's Museum Advisory Board and was instrumental in opening the current modern library facility, art gallery and local history museum. Her work as librarian, as well as her ongoing community service, have made her a pillar in the Wawarsing community. Mrs. Dumond's personal philosophies include learning as a continuous process, the realization that each of us has his/her own gift to share, and that cooperation is the most effective way to realize a shared vision. This has made her a leading force for lifelong learning, cultural enrichment and historic preservation.

"All my life," she said when asked how long she has volunteered. Her family believed "you owed" others because we lived in America.

"It's not what I would get but how I could use my gift in a useful fashion to help others. This was the way I was raised," she added.

Her greatest reward from volunteering is "the look on someone's face, in their eyes when you helped... the completion of a task. I don't do it for reward," she said.