Office for the Aging


Seneca County Honoree

Angela Jones lives in Waterloo, NY and has offered inspirational, compassionate, and outstanding service during her 86 years of life as a language teacher, author, lecturer, and travel agent specializing in senior trips. She also founded and is a 30-year volunteer for the Snapettes Twirling Corp. In addition, she is an invaluable member of the Celebrate Commemorate Memorial Day Charter committee.

Angela has authored a book titled, Old Age...Not for Me!, and lectures around the state on her favorite topic, "Days of the Dead" which is related to the origin of Memorial Day. In her various roles mentioned above, she spends her time doing amazing things like arranging trips for seniors in and out of the United States. In her role as Chairperson on various committees she is vital to the success of Waterloo community events by recruiting and coordinating volunteers to greet and assist visitors, supervising the childrens' game tent and performing as part of the Snapette's.

She has inspired Seneca AAA staff, who feel she embodies the qualities of what outstanding service looks like. Her three grandchildren, whom she is very proud of and who attend community events with her, have a very special role model to look up to.