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New York City Honorees(Page 2)

Ms. Hazel Collman was born in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, West Indies. She migrated to the USA in 1966. She was a teacher for many years at the kindergarten level. Her love and passion for children allowed her to impart education and value to children in their formative years. Ms. Collman also pursued and excelled in the field of accounting and bookkeeping. She was also employed at Saks Fifth Avenue as a Credit Analyst for six years prior to her retirement.

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She has volunteered as President of 300 East 25th Street Block Association; President Bethel Holy Church Usher Board; Peer Leader Camba Anti Stigma HIV/AIDS; as a volunteer for R.S.V.P.; member of New York Statewide Senior Action Council; Catholic Charities Heart Share Division; and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Ms. Collman is a member of the following organizations: Neighborhood Housing Services of East Flatbush; Community Board 17, Services for the Underserved Human Resources Department; 67th Precinct Council; and the Tilden Hall Residence (Shelter) Advisory Board. Ms. Collman was appointed to the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD); and is an alumni member of New York Department Citizen's Police Academy.

Hazel has been volunteering for over 20 years.

When she started volunteering, she hoped to "continue to advocate for seniors and the community, in order for them to receive services necessary to help ensure a better quality of life."

her greatest reward has been "the satisfaction of knowing those needing benefits received them, and the joy expressed by them."

Helen Hamlin is a social worker, received her MSSW in 1945 from Columbia, worked mainly in New York City; but she had four years in Washington D.C. following World War Two. She has worked with older persons since 1965 in community agencies, a nursing home, and program at Columbia School of Social Work.

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She helped develop a multiservice program for elders in Jamaica Queens including a housing complex and programs for community residents, encompassing social and health programs; she arranged a large public forum engaging public officials, Congressmen and community regarding SSI Legislation leading to changes to legislation. She has also served on several social service Boards, and served as member of Mayor's Commission for an Age-Friendly New York.

Helen has been volunteering for 22 years, since retirement from employment.

When she started volunteering, Helen hoped "to continue to serve older persons whose issues, concerns and problems keep them from fulfillment in current lives."

"I believe that my efforts have made an impact on behalf of older people: e.g., in the development of an assisted living facility; speaking out on social isolation in local and international venues, working on promoting legislation at the city and state levels" she said.