Office for the Aging


Montgomery & Nassau County Honorees

Montgomery County Honoree

Maurice Carron has been a native of New York his entire life, except when he served two years in the Navy. He worked for many years for Anderson, and then for Liberty ARC. He has been a member of the Inman Senior Center for eight years.

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Since joining the Center, almost from the beginning, Maurice and his wife, Edie, became very actively involved in volunteering. Maurice used his skills in maintenance and repairs, doing minor and some major projects for the Center, saving the Center countless dollars. He helped out with special events, and daily activities as well. Maurice is an avid pinochle player, when he is not too busy maintaining our building. From painting projects to boiler repair, from floor refinishing to minor electrical work, Maurice is the go-to guy. He has served on the Board of Directors since 2008 and currently is chair of the building committee.

Maurice has been volunteering since he joined the Inman Center in 2005. By volunteering, he hoped to be able to stay busy and use his skills to help the Center save money.

His greatest reward from volunteering is the friends he has made at the Center and the knowledge that he is able to contribute to the Center in a meaningful way.

Nassau County Honorees

Born in New York, Fred Harber was in the printing industry until he retired in 1995. He is married, with four sons, three daughters-in-law and one granddaughter.

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Beginning in 2000, Fred has helped build homes for Habitat for Humanity in Nassau County, in New York City, in Alabama,even traveling Sri Lanka after the 2004 Tsunami to help those affected. Since Hurricane Sandy, he has been doing demolition and mold clean-up in Long Beach.

In total, participating in numerous projects, Fred has been volunteering over forty years.

When Fred began to volunteer, it enhanced his feeling of self-worth and made him feel whole. In truth, the work was its own reward.

The greatest satisfaction for Fred has been seeing the faces on people when "they get the keys to their first home, people who never thought they would get to own one."

Walter F. Wientge Jr. was born in Floral Park and attended New York City public schools earning his B.A. and his Master's at New York University. He taught for 44 years at Uniondale High School.

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Walter volunteers weekly at North Hempstead Animal Shelter; Garvies Point Museum; United Cerebral Palsy, in a house with disabled persons and for the Compeer Program of Nassau County. Compeer is a volunteer support and social program that uses the power of friendship to help people with mental illnesses live happier, more satisfying lives.

In 1987, Walter started volunteering for St. Mary's Children's Hospital. He got satisfaction by working with others. As a teacher, he had a desire to reach out and spend time with people and animals.

"I get more from volunteering than I give, inner satisfaction from reaching out and helping as I can, and being blessed in what I do," Walter said.