Office for the Aging


Greene County Honorees

Alice Schubert, born 1923 in Iowa, moved to New York State when she was 13. Presently she resides in Coxsackie. During her lifetime, Alice was secretary for various lawyers and was the Executive Secretary for the late NYS Assemblyman Larry Lane. Alice has a son and a daughter, as well as two grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

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Since 1986, Alice has been a volunteer with the Greene County Department for the Aging, delivering meals, offering medical transportation, and helping at the Rivertown Thrift Shop. In addition, she has served as a volunteer to the D. R. Evert Library in Athens and served as a Trustee. She also was a board member for the Rivertown Housing complex in Athens.

Alice has been volunteering for more than 25 years with the county but she says she has been volunteering for "as far back as I can remember." Her hope in volunteering was to help others.

What is her greatest reward from volunteering? The greatest reward from her experiences has been the personal enjoyment and satisfaction she gets from helping others.

Bishop Joseph Thornton was born in Queens, NY. He moved to Greene County in 1986. He is a Bishop Protector for the Servants of the Good Shepherd. He lives in Durham with his wife and they have a daughter and a granddaughter.

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Joseph has served as a volunteer in his community in many roles since he was a young man, beginning after he left military service. His volunteer service includes: Oak Hill-Durham Fire Company for 25 years; Past President and Chaplain of the Greene County Fire Police Association; EMT volunteer and squad Chaplain for the Durham Ambulance Squad; Volunteer driver safety instructor for AARP; working with young cadets in the Civil Air Patrol; volunteer at Stratton VA Hospital; serving in various offi ces of the Durham American Legion; and the VFW. He created yearbooks on the history of the American Legion and served as past Chaplain and historian for the Third District American Legion. He served as an officer in the Greene County Chapter of Disabled American Veterans; as Instructor for the NYS Environmental Conservation Hunter Safety program; and, as a volunteer for disaster services with the American Red Cross.

He also formerly trained instructors for the National Rifl e Association.

His greatest reward from his experience is helping others in their times of need.