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Franklin County Honorees

Fred Mader is a 1956 graduate from Paul Smith's College earning an Associate Degree in Hotel Management. He married in 1958 and raised his family in Saranac Lake where he has been a lifetime resident.

Fred Mader Jr. Image

Fred's contributions began as an Army volunteer at Walter Reed Medical Center during the Korean War. Throughout Fred's life he has volunteered and been involved in his community resulting in many contributions in the Saranac Lake area. Fred attended Seminary training and became an ordained Deacon of the Diocese in 1980. He worked with the developmentally disabled and later became the Chaplain in the Federal Bureau of Prisons at Ray Brook. He was a Literacy Volunteer, as well as volunteering at the Community Lunch Box, HOSPICE, Saranac Lake Adult Center, Mercy Care, and the Community Store.

He has volunteered in one capacity or another his whole adult life. Fred hoped to obtain a feeling of being needed. Volunteering and making a difference has been his personal ambition.

Volunteering has given Fred a new lease on life, also giving him the opportunity to give to others in the community.

Ronald A. Tourville was born in Ellenburgh, NY on February 13, 1936. He attended high school in Ellenburgh and graduated in 1955. Ron and his wife Beverly have been married for 55 years. Ron joined the US Army in 1955. He served his country on active duty for two years before receiving an honorable discharge and continued with the CUS Army Reserves until 1960.

Ronald A. Tourville Image

After retiring in 1998, Ron became involved and remains very active at the Burke Adult Center volunteering as a Meals on Wheels driver, serving on the adult center board, and as a representative for the Town of Bellmont on the Association of Senior Citizens Board of Directors. Ron also volunteers at the Bellmont Food Pantry and is responsible for setting up boxes of food, counting and dividing stock, as well as delivery to forty needy families.

Ron has volunteered in his community for 25 years.

It is Ron's hope that being involved and through his volunteering at the adult day center and food pantry it would help to ensure that individuals in the community would be able to remain in their homes safely for as long as possible.

Working with people in the community gives Ron a great sense of accomplishment. Knowing that he has helped make a difference is his greatest reward.