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Chemung County Honorees

Leo and Mabel Gaboriault have lived in the Town of Catlin for 64 years. Leo was in the Marine Corps, saw active duty in the Korean War, and was fired upon while aboard the Helena. Leo retired after 31 years as a Supervisor of the Mechanic's Garage of the US Post Office. Mable, meanwhile, became a homemaker and concentrated on raising the couple's two sons.

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They started out volunteering in the Boy Scouts of America, Leo as a Scout Master and Mable as a Den Mother. They both are serving on the Catlin Historical Society, Leo as Treasurer and Mabel as President. Mable was Town Historian, having retired after 18 years. She is always quick to remember a name, event or location regarding Catlin's historic past. Together they have been very active in the Tompkins Corners Volunteer Fire Department, Leo active for 12 years, some of those years as President, and Mable with the Women's Auxiliary. Leo continues to serve as a member of the Catlin Planning Board; he is nearing completion of his third seven year term. Mable would always make sure the town honored its senior citizens, and she herself won the "Catlin Queen" recognition on one occasion. Leo & Mable each have been volunteering for over 63 years.

They don't consider it volunteering; it's just being available to help the community they love and to help individuals with whatever problem that arises.

They enjoy seeing the look on others' faces when you do a good deed and not asking for anything in return. And of course winning the Chemung County Senior Citizen of the Year Award was just so unexpected!

Marian Yoder has been a lifelong resident of Chemung County, and is a retired Registered Nurse having graduated from the Arnot Ogden School of Nursing in 1950. She holds the office of Secretary/Treasurer of that class which will be celebrating their 63rd reunion soon. Marian has three sons.

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Marian is in her third term as Deacon with the Horseheads Presbyterian Church. She has taught kindergarten and nursery in its Sunday school, plus she sends cards and makes phone calls to church members checking in on those living alone. She volunteers for Meals on Wheels, the Horseheads Election Board, Bethany Gift Shop and helps with the Chemung County Eat Well Live Well nutrition program. As a member of AARP Chapter 276, she has been their "Sunshine Lady," sending cards to those feeling sick, sad or otherwise out of sorts.

She has been a member of RSVP for 20 years and has accumulated 2,398 plus hours of volunteer service.

When asked why she started volunteering, Marian replied, "It keeps me active, involved and a contributing member of today's society."

"Just knowing I can brighten someone's day and that I'm providing an important service that they might not otherwise get," is what Marian gets out of volunteering.