Office for the Aging


Albany & Allegany Counties Honorees

Albany County

Terry Freedland is a lifelong resident of New York State and retired from the NYS Department of HealthTerry Freedland (NYSDOH) after 33 years of dedicated service. He worked as an attorney on important hospital and nursing home issues which improved the quality of life for residents. He is married with one son who is now living in Colorado.

Terry has been volunteering his skills and knowledge in the Health Insurance Information, Counseling, and Assistance Program (HIICAP) for the past five years. This was an excellent fi t for Terry because when he started volunteering all he asked for was a job that did not involve stuffi ng envelopes because he wanted to be active and engaged in helping others. He does just that in his HIICAP role because the program reaches many seniors and offers them support and assistance with critical health insurance information that they may not be able to get elsewhere.

Always willing to do whatever needs to be done, Terry goes above and beyond in his volunteer capacity. He has engaged in all trainings and has become a vital part of the Albany County Offi ce for the Aging program.

Albany County AAA is so grateful of the service that Terry offers to its seniors. They wanted to surprise him with this submission to express their appreciation. This recognition came as a very large surprise to him.

Allegany County

Charles "Chuck" Shultz demonstrates the power of making a diff erence through civic engagement. He lives inCharles "Chuck" Schultz the small village of Almond in Allegany County. He grew up in Turtle Creek, PA. He came to New York to attend Alfred University where he met his wife Ellen. Th ey returned to Alfred University in 1965 when Charles became the Director of Career Services at the University and he stayed for 30 years. Charles and Ellen have two children and two grandchildren and travel to visit them whenever their busy schedules allow.

He has volunteered for the Allegany County Offi ce for the Aging for 18 years. He delivers meals-on-wheels one day a week, he drives older adults to their doctors' appointments, and serves as a handyman volunteer. He has installed over 20 grab bars to help people remain safe in their homes. Also, he is a member of the board of directors of the Allegany Senior Foundation, an organization founded in 2003 that has raised over $240,000 for senior services in Allegany County. In addition, Chuck also volunteers for the Alfred Area Food pantry once a month, ensuring that his neighbors have enough food to eat. At the Alfred Union University Church he serves as Head Usher and also is on the board of the Alumni Golf Tournament at Alfred University.

Charles' satisfaction comes from providing more services to others that wouldn't be available otherwise. He understands the importance that volunteers can add to any agency

His greatest reward comes with the appreciation from the people he has helped.

Ellen Shultz demonstrates the power of making a difference through civic engagement. She lives in theEllen Schultz small village of Almond in Allegany County. She has lived in New York her whole life. She met her husband Charles while attending Alfred University. They returned to Alfred University in 1965 when Charles was hired at the University. He continued to work for them for 30 years. Ellen taught high school English and Theater for 20 years at the Alfred Almond Central School. Charles and Ellen have two children and two grandchildren. They travel to visit them whenever their busy schedules allow.

Ellen Shultz volunteers as the desk clerk at the Alfred Box of Books Library once a week. She is the Union University Church's representative for the Alfred Area food pantry. She organizes the volunteers to make sure the pantry is adequately staffed. She also volunteers at the food pantry once a month with her husband. Ellen has been active in the local community theater as co-founder and director. Ellen was on the board of directors for the Allegany Area Foundation for three years, providing essential scholarships to local students, and funding support for agencies that improved the quality of life in Allegany County.

She started volunteering to help those in need that live around her.

Her greatest rewards in volunteering are that people are helped and that she keeps busy.