Office for the Aging


Broome County Honorees

Eva WincekEva Wincek has made outstanding volunteer contributions to the Broome County Community for the last several years. Eva is a 13-year member of the First Ward Senior Center in Binghamton where she is currently the Senior Center Board President and Acting Treasurer. Single-handedly, she runs rummage and jewelry sales at this center several times a year. With Eva's leadership, these events raise significant funds to offset the costs of diverse activities enjoyed by the membership at large. In addition to her work at the senior center, she is the Secretary of the Broome County Office for Aging's Senior Center Steering Committee. Eva's leadership on this committee has been critical as she brings her enthusiasm for senior centers to every meeting, and she has been involved in caring for the sick in her neighborhood when the need arises.

Also, Eva is the secretary for a local Tops group and is a regular blood donor for the American Red Cross. She is truly an example of how one individual can make a big difference in the community! She embodies the art of volunteerism without any need for self-recognition.

Volunteering has been a way of life for Eva and she found a new locale at the First Ward Senior Center after retirement. Eva derives much satisfaction from keeping busy. She is tireless in her effort to support and advocate for senior centers and does not shy away from new challenges. She enjoys problem solving and can be objective in finding solutions.

Eva was born in New Jersey and moved to New York State shortly after marrying in 1966. She attended and graduated from Glassboro State College (now known as Rowan College) in New Jersey where she received a BS in Elementary Education. Later, she took more college courses at Broome Community College, and she worked as a Nurse's Aide at Rivermede Nursing Home in Binghamton for 25 years. There, she used her enthusiasm for her work and great organizational skills to enrich the lives of the older residents of the facility.

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Gene WincekGene Wincek has been a dependable and dedicated volunteer at the First Ward Senior Center since 2001, where he has been very generous with his time and talent. He started his volunteer work by teaching older adults at the center how to use computers. Now he also takes photographs and videotapes various center programs, and creates posters and signs to help with the promotion of the center to the public. In fact, Gene assists with all things technical at the center. "If Gene can't fix it, no one can" is the motto at the First Ward Center. He helps put together puzzles, frames them, and then sells the completed framed puzzles, donating the money back to the center. Gene also is on the Office for Aging's Senior Center Steering Committee, where he shares concerns and ideas to the group to enrich the quality of programs and services offered at senior centers throughout the county.

Gene shares a love of the First Ward Senior Center with his wife, Eva. He is truly Eva's partner in crime as they work like a team with varied talents that blend together to create a tremendous positive impact at the First Ward Senior Center. Gene expects nothing in return except to make the senior center a better place to visit.

He claims his greatest reward for volunteering is marrying Eva! Gene is respected and admired by all who get to know him because of his generosity and concern for others.

Gene was born in Pennsylvania and moved to New York at the age of five. Over the years his family moved in and out of New York and New Jersey. As a young man, he joined the Navy and served this country as an Electrician 3rd Class. This experience led him to major in Electronics and Mechanical Engineering at REI in Philadelphia where he received an Associate's Degree in Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. Later, while working at Universal Instruments in Binghamton for 21 years, he had the experience of working globally, taking him to many interesting and far away countries. His vast travels enabled him to meet many people from all over the world, where he made many lasting friendships especially in India. Gene and Eva opened their home to two Indian exchange students while they attended Broome Community College and Binghamton University. He opened his doors and heart to make them feel welcome in a foreign land. Gene and Eva have two children and seven grandchildren.

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