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Contacts:    NYSOFA Bureau of Policy Analysis, Research and Management

Overview: The publication, Project 2015: The Future of Aging in New York State - A Tool Kit for Community Action (2015 Tool Kit) provides information and tools to help Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) and other local leaders consider how best to engage in and prepare for the dynamic demographic changes taking place in communities across New York and across the country. For New York, these demographic changes include both the aging and the increasing diversity of our communities.

Project 2015 � Intent: Through the leadership of local AAAs and partnering agencies, the intent of the Project 2015 initiative is to use a strategic planning approach to: (1) alert key stakeholders locally to the challenges and opportunities of aging and diversity in our counties and communities; (2) include traditional and non-traditional stakeholders, both in the aging network and in the wider community, in planning and preparing for demographic change at the local level; and (3) prioritize and take action for needed changes in local policies, programs, and products in order to maximize the best fit between the needs of local citizens and the products and services that are available to them.

2015 Tool Kit: With the 2015 Tool Kit, local conveners have the materials to implement the Project 2015 planning process at the community level. As part of our continuing commitment to prepare for the impact of New York's changing demographic profile, you are invited to use the information and ideas in the 2015 Tool Kit to assist you, as a local convener, to prepare for these dynamic processes that are taking place locally and to help your community's organizations prepare for an aging, more diverse population. This process will help you capitalize on the assets that community entities and residents bring to your locality.

The 2015 Tool Kit includes: 

  • A descriptive �Project 2015: Community Handbook,� which provides the context of demographic change and the components for designing and implementing local efforts.
  • Self-evaluation tools to track progress locally.
  • Two PowerPoint presentations, which can be adapted to present county-specific data, for use locally in engaging key individuals and audiences.
  • A copy of the publication, Project 2015: Guide to New York State Government's Planning Initiative, a how-to guide (including key elements of success) describing New York�s state government�s experiences in conducting its Project 2015 strategic planning initiative across 36 state government agencies.
  • Contact information for technical assistance at the New York State Office for the Aging.
  • Sample letters, timelines, and other templates from New York State government�s Project 2015 initiative.
  • A resource listing of Web sites and data resources.
  • A Media Tool Kit.

Project 2015: The Future of Aging in New York State - A Took Kit for Community Action (2015 Tool Kit)
For viewing and use, CLICK on [PDF] following each of the individual sections of the 2015 Tool Kit, listed below: Note: All files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted. Word and PPT files will open in a separate browser window.

Welcome Letter from Michael Burgess, Director, New York State Office for the Aging [PDF]

Community Handbook[PDF]
Post-Session Feedback and Status Report Tools[PDF]
AAA/Convener Status Reports Overview [PDF]
3 Month Status Update [PDF]
6 Month Status Update [PDF]
9 Month Status Update [PDF]
12 Month Status Update [PDF]

PowerPoint Presentation Overview [PDF]
PowerPoint Presentation #1 - 2015:Attention! Our Changing Demographic Profile [PPT]
PowerPoint Presentation #2 - Prepare! Local Planning to Respond to Our Changing Demographic Profile [PPT]

Project 2015 Guide to New York State Government's Planning Initiative  [PDF]

Sample Templates [Word]
Governor's Letter [Word]
Questions to Consider[Word]
Considerations for Content [Word]
Format Requirements [Word]
Work Plan Reporting Form [Word]
Timeline [Word]
Graph of Work Plan [Word]
Symposium Agenda[Word]

"Project 2015: Analysis and Summary of 36 State Agency Briefs"[PDF]

Web Site Resources[PDF]
Project 2015: York State County Specific Population Statistics  [PDF]
Media Supplement [PDF]

For additional information about Project 2015, contact Vera Prosper, PhD or Jennifer Rosenbaum, Project 2015 Principals at 1-800-342-9871 or 518-474-4425