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Report of Findings on the Aging Services Network


The Caregiver Support Programs Participants (CSPP) Survey was funded by the federal Administration on Aging (AoA), as part of the Performance Outcomes Measures Project (POMP) under AoA Grant# 90AM3103 to test a statewide survey methodology and to assess the outcomes of Caregiver Support Programs administered through the aging services network in New York State.

The New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) wishes to thank the many people who helped develop the survey, assisted with mailing, and provided input that went into this Report:

Caregiver Survey Advisory Committee Members

The New York State Caregiver Survey Advisory Committee was established to assist with the design of the survey instrument and the identification of a data collection method that was most appropriate for the caregivers who would be surveyed in this project:

  • Sandra Abrams
  • Pat Baroody
  • Laura Cameron
  • Corinda Crossdale
  • Theresa Davis
  • Robin Finley
  • Nicholas Gerten
  • Andrea Hoffman
  • Candace Kelly
  • Clair Murphy
  • Annette Alve
  • Laura Cameron
  • Judy Casassa
  • Joseph Cybulski
  • Mary Edgar-Herrera
  • Andrea Fettinger
  • Nanci Hawver
  • Lisa Holmes
  • Edwin Mendez-Santiago
  • Toni Nekvapil

Caregiver Support Program Coordinators

The New York State Caregiver Support Program Coordinators assisted in drawing the caregiver support program participant sample and mailed out the informed consent letter:

  • Pat Baroody
  • Shirley Brown
  • Miriam Callahan
  • Sheryl Campbell
  • Mary Edgar-Herrera
  • Robin Finley
  • Ritva Gottesman
  • Candace Kelly
  • Bonnie Lewis
  • Jean Marie Lundgren
  • Bobby Jo Milton
  • Kim Phillips
  • Lisa Stachow
  • Cynthia Stevenson
  • Janet Taylor
  • Tammy Zicari
  • Elizabeth Beckwith
  • Lisa Brulotte
  • Dorothy Camp
  • Doreen Crane
  • Jennifer Ellman
  • Andrea Fettinger
  • Martha Gulley
  • Heather Leddick
  • Cindy Lewis
  • Michele Mahon
  • Toni Nekvapil
  • Miguela Reyes
  • Ruth Spink
  • David Stoyell
  • Anna Marie Vaughn

Data Collection and Technical Support

The Finger Lakes Geriatric Education Center administered the data collection and entered the data into an electronic data file. Dwight Brock of Westat and Steve Sconfienza advised on the sample weighting scheme. Ingrid Williams of NYSOFA assisted in drawing the AAA samples and prepared the initial graphics for the report.

New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) and Area Agencies on Aging Reviewers

Gail Koser and Jennifer Rosenbaum provided support, review, and insights into the content of this Report. Andrea Hoffman, Nanci Hawver, and Rina Kitazawa of NYSOFA, Judith Casassa of the Erie County Department of Senior Services, and Lisa Holmes of the Tompkins County Office for the Aging provided valuable review and comment for this Report.

Finally, this survey report owes a tremendous debt to those caregivers who, by responding to the survey, provided the valuable data that enables us to demonstrate the important roles that caregivers are contributing to their loved ones and society, as well as the value of NYSOFA's caregiver support programs and services.

The survey methodology was developed and directed by I-Hsin Wu, New York State POMP Director, who also prepared the Report.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Survey
Objectives and Methodology
Survey Results: Discussion and Implications
Appendix A (Detailed Tables)
Appendix B (Caregivers Comments: Impacts of Services on Caregivers' Lives)
Appendix C (Methodology and Limitations)
Appendix D (Survey Response Rate)
Appendix E (Sample Weighting Scheme)
Appendix F (Methodology of Estimating Economic Value)
Appendix G (Survey Instrument)

List of Tables

List of Figures