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AAA Directors Manual & References

Aging Network Overview


New York State Area Agency on Aging Advisory Councils
Orientation Primer for New York State Area Agency on Aging Advisory Councils

Older Americans Act (OAA)  -[PPT Presentation]
History of Older Americans Act Program Development Including "Thoughts" on 2011 Reauthorization - Key Provisions of P.L. 109-365
Older Americans Act Amendments-OAA of 2006 related to "Choices for Independence"
Older Americans Act-OAA Program Descriptions
CRS Report - The Older Americans Act: Programs-OAA Funding and 2006 Reauthorization, December 11, 2006
National Health Policy Forum - Aging Services Network: Accomplishments and Challenges in Serving a Growing Elderly Population, April 11, 2008
NYSOFA Statement on OAA Reauthorization, February 25, 2010

The State Budget and the Legislature New York State Elder Law: click link and follow instructions below. On this page, hover over the word "Laws" on top of the page, and click on Laws of New York.  The visitor will click on that hyperlink.  On the next page, the visitor will click on the hyperlink "ELD" Elder Law.  The next page brings the visitor to the Articles and Titles of the Elder Law.  The visitor would then click on the hyperlink for the Article or Title that he/she wants to view.  By clicking on the Title 1, the visitor can then view each section of the Elder Law.  If the visitor is interested in viewing the Laws that govern EPIC, they would click on Title 3.

Official Compliation of Codes, Rules & Regulations of the State Office for the Aging State regulations have been adopted to provide program guidance to area agencies on aging The regulations define and describe programs and establish rules for delivery AAA directors should be familiar with the regulations. The regulations serve as a reference guide and should be the first place to look when you have programmatic questions.

NYSOFA Regulations click link and follow instructions below.
Once the Visitor clicks on the above link, they should then click on TITLE 9 - EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT.
The visitor should then click on the "expansion box" in front of Subtitle Y New York State Office for the Aging.   By clicking on the "expansion box", it brings the visitor to the Chapters of NYSOFA's regulations.  The visitor would then click the "expansion box" to view the Parts inside of each chapter.   By clicking the "expansion box" in front of each Part, the visitor can then view the sections contained in each part.  
To view a particular section, the visitor would click the hyperlink for the section that the visitor would like to view. 

Executive – Advocating for the Development of a Comprehensive Service Delivery System to Meet the Needs of Older People
New York Connects Public website   For more information visit our programs section and click on the NYConnects tab.             

NYSOFA Roles and Responsibilities as a manager of Older Americans Act and New York State Elder Law Programs General Duties and Powers of Office

Targeting Services and Equal Opportunity Program-[PDF]      92-PI-30-Targeting
Census Information;   AoA Diversity Resources;   AoA Translation Resources;  NYS Office of General Services(OGS)

NYSOFA Administrative Structure
Executive Division
Executive Division – Legal and LTCOP units
Division of Local Program Operations
Division of Policy, Planning, Program and Outcomes
Division of Finance and Administration

MAJOR PROGRAMS AND FUNDING STREAMS: Listing of Major State Programs and Funding Streams & Major Federal Programs and Funding Streams    

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program[PPT]     [LTCOP PDF]  
What is the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program[PDF]    What is LTCOP [Word]
LTCOP Factsheet[PDF]  LTCOP Factsheet [Word] 

The Legal Assistance Program Presentation [PPT]  [Legal PDF]    

For more information on the programs and services provided by our network to older New Yorkers and their families see NYSOFA Public Website  

Accountability for Federal and State Funds, Required Match, Contributions, Cost Share, etc.  ELearning Website    

Visit the Training Resources page and click the Reporting Tab to get information on the Annual Implementation Plan and  Annual Evaluation

Statewide Trends [PDF]
Assess and Improve Performance PDF
Sources of Funding for Providing Aging Network Services[ PDF]
CAARS Client Reports 2012

ELearning Website:  Matrix of ServicesTable of Programs;  Table of Services; Glossary; State and Federal Requirements

Issuances: View NYSOFA Issuances used to communicate information to our local grantees (e.g. Area Agencies on Aging).

Frequently Referenced Issuances
11-PI-03 Standard Definitions for Service and Units of Service(4/5/2011) Supersedes 05-PI-01
12-PI-03 2012 Poverty Income Guidelines(2/22/2012) Supersedes 11-PI-02
03-PI-05 Program Income Policy
99-PI-20 Program Fiscal Monitoring
99-TAM-05 Program Fiscal Monitoring

Social Security Numbers:
 Collecting Social Security Numbers
Caring Respect Trust: A guide to gathering personal information at your meal site.

Reference Materials by Topic for AAAs

REFERENCE MATERIALS BY TOPIC [PDF]-- Note this list is not all inclusive but does include information on General, Advisory Council, Benefits Counseling Assistance, Client Assessment, Client Release of Information, Contributions/Program Income/Cost Share, Congregate Services Initiative, Demographics, Emergency, Preparedness and Disaster, Equal Access and Cultural Competence, Fiscal, Grievance Procedures, Information and Referral Legal, Mandated Services/ Single Purpose Agency, Monitoring, Multipurpose Senior Centers, Needs Assessment, Nutrition Services, Older Driver, Planning, Political Activities, Priority Services, Reporting, Voter Registration, Weatherization

You can also visit our State Programs page for programs such as EISEP/CSE, Social Adult Day Care, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - see Wellness in Nutrition (WIN), Wellness In Nutrition (Win), NYConnects: Choices for Long Term Care

You can also visit our Federal Programs page for Federal programs such as Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Services (including Medication Management) Title- III-D (Previously Title- III-F), Caregiver Program - Title III- E, Performance Outcome Measures (POMP), Health Insurance Information Counseling Assistance Program (HIICAP), Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

ISSUANCES: PI-Program Instruction IM-Information Memorandum TAM-Technical Assistance MemorandumInternet Resources

NY Connects
AoA Administration on Aging
N4A National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
NYSAAA NYS Association of Area Agencies on Aging
NASUAD National Association of States United for Aging Disabilities

Area Agencies on Aging Resources and Information