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ARCHIVE: New York State Plan on Aging: 2015-2019

The federal Older Americans Act of 1965 requires that each state submit a multi-year Plan to ACL. The Older Americans Act requires a public input process to provide advice and guidance to the state Office.

In New York State, under the Older American's Act of 1965 (codified as 42 U.S.C. § 3001-3057(n)) and New York State Elder Law (Chapter 35-A of the Consolidated Laws), the New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) is the designated State Unit on Aging. NYSOFA is responsible for the development and administration of a State Plan that addresses federally prescribed goals and priorities as required by the Older Americans Act.

The New York State Plan on Aging: 2015-2019, is organized by the following five overarching goals:

  • Empower older New Yorkers, their families and the public to make informed decisions about, and be able to access, existing health, long term care and other service options.
  • Enable older New Yorkers to remain in their own homes with high quality of life for as long as possible through the provision of home and community-based services, including supports for family caregivers.
  • Empower older New Yorkers to stay active and healthy through Older Americans Act services and those offered under Medicare.
  • Embed ACL discretionary grants with OAA Title III core programs.
  • Ensure the rights of older New Yorkers and prevent their abuse, neglect and exploitation.

The entire plan may be downloaded here.

ARCHIVE: 2015-2019 State Plan on Aging

To watch the New York State Plan 2015-2019 April 24, 2015 Webinar - click here(External Link)

To view the New York State Plan 2015-2019 April 24, 2015 PowerPoint - click here

The draft 2020-2024 plan will be posted here soon. A series of public input meetings will be held in May 2019.