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Discuss the Future with Your Loved Ones on Mother’s Day

Most people put off planning for the later years until those years arrive—leaving many critical decisions to be made without the appropriate time, preparation, and information to plan or to take advantage of preferences and options that can make the elder years more successful.

Mother’s Day (May 12) may provide a good opportunity to see your family and start these often difficult conversations.

How prepared are you—or your parents or grandparents—for the elder years? How comfortable are you with discussing health, long-term care, where to live, estate planning, burial plans, power of attorney, financial management, and other topics with your older relatives?

The Elder Preparedness Self-Assessment Tool (TEPSAT), a free, self-administered questionnaire developed by elder law attorney Robert Abrams, is a fun way to test your level of preparedness and learn about various topics and resources that are important to everyone during the later years. It also provides an easy and enjoyable way to involve family members in discussions about topics that may be difficult or awkward to talk about in other circumstances. You can take the TEPSAT test—and get your score—as well as encourage other family members to take the test at

TEPSAT is a performance-based tool that measures elder preparedness and then directs you to valuable tools and resources that will help you prepare for your future.

Be a planner, not a gambler—take the test today. Also, share the tool with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Not planning can be hazardous to your health and to your independence!

Did You Know?
AARP’s website has a section dedicated to retirement planning. Tools, tips, and guides on where to retire are available.