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2013 NYSOFA SEFA Campaign A Success!

The 2013 New York State Office for the Aging's (NYSOFA) SEFA Campaign has concluded, and organizers report a record-setting year for participation.

SEFA (State Employee's Federated Appeal) is the New York State government's arm of United Way. Thousands of registered charities receive critical financial contributions through SEFA fundraising efforts in each state agency. Agency SEFA coordinators and staff work on a volunteer basis hosting events and working on marketing and public relations, as well as assisting employees who wish to contribute.

Out of NYSOFA's 95 employees, 40 (42%) decided to contribute via payroll deduction in 2013. In 2012, 23 NYSOFA employees contributed via payroll deduction. The increase between 2012 and 2013 was 74 percent! The 2013 NYSOFA employees' total SEFA contribution was approximately $10,000! Those numbers can make a real difference.

"As an agency we may be on the smaller side, but our employees are very generous. I'm proud that we have such a caring staff," said NYSOFA Acting Director Greg Olsen. "Our team was able to help raise approximately $100 average per employee. That's amazing."

The 2013 campaign began on Oct 7 and concluded on Nov. 22. The 2013 SEFA Team took the initiative to hold a Chili Cook-Off that raised $257, and well as staged a raffle that benefitted local charities the Bethesda House, The Affordable Housing Partnership, and the Humane Society.

The 2013 NYSOFA SEFA Team is Greg Novack, Sandra Harvey, Alex Hyatt, Pauline Santiago, Amelia Paul, and Dottie Witmer.

Did You Know?
Time has not run out! If you'd still like to help SEFA by making a contribution,(External Link) find out how by visiting SEFA New York's web site.