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Ontario County promotes Seniors and Lawmen Together

Ontario County has established its own Seniors and Lawmen Together (SALT) Council, part of a national program aimed at keeping older adults safe.

The SALT program is a national initiative, organized under the umbrella of the National Association of Triads (NATI). NATI(External Link) is a partnership of three organizations --- the National Sheriff's Association, AARP and the International Association of Police Chiefs. The organization's web site contains information about available programs.

NATI provides a clearinghouse of programs and resources that can be implemented at a community level, as well as training materials for law enforcement, volunteers, and community groups.

What "Triads" in local communities can accomplish:
  • Educate: by sponsoring crime prevention and public education for older adults.
  • Assist: by recruiting and training volunteers to assist police departments, sheriff's offices and other agencies.
  • Support: by identifying community resources and providing referrals to older adults to help reduce fear and lend moral support.
  • Unite: by involving the older adult population, law enforcement, community agencies, and individuals to identify problem areas in their communities.
The National Association of Triads has suggestions for setting up a safety program for older adults(External Link) in your community.

The Ontario County SALT Council consists of representatives from the county government, the Sheriff's Department, and the community at large. The Ontario SALT Council meets once a month to discuss and arrange for solutions to safety issues within the county. These programs currently include:

Project Lifesaver:

Project Lifesaver provides a safety net for individuals living with dementia, Alzheimer's disease and autism. A watch-like radio transmitter can be attached to a person in need, and they can be located in case of wandering off. Deputies attach the Project Lifesaver Bracelets and visit older New Yorkers at home to replace the batteries once a month. If available in your area, you can apply for this service (which requires the purchase of a bracelet and a monthly subscription fee) via your local New York Connects program. Many county sheriff's offices sponsor this program, and there are income-based grants available in some areas.

Free Cell Phones:

For income eligible older adults, free cell phones can be provided for calling 911 in emergencies. These are available through the Ontario County Sheriff's Office.(External Link) For details, please visit the sheriff's department website.

Yellow Dot Program:

This program is sponsored by the New York State Sheriff's Association and assists first responders should an older New Yorker be in a traffic accident or become ill. Yellow Dot kits include a personal information card and a Yellow Dot decal which is placed on the window of your car. Personal, medical and other important information, including a photo of the person, is placed in the cars glove compartment and is accessible by first responders. A card can be included for each person who regularly occupies the vehicle. Kits are free and are distributed through your county sheriff's office. Visit the New York State Sheriff's Association(External Link) web site for more information.

You can visit the Ontario County Office for the Aging's website(External Link) for more information about the Ontario County SALT Council.