Office for the Aging


Dutchess County Honors 21 Centenarians

Dutchess County Office for the Aging held its annual Dutchess County Celebration of Aging event on Monday, May 20 to honor that county's older residents, including 21 centenarians - those who have lived to be at least 100 - for their achievements at the Villa Borghese in Wappingers Falls. The local Celebration of Aging takes place each May, during the Older Americans Month.

Mary Kaye Dolan, director of Dutchess County Office for the Aging told the Poughkeepsie Journal reporter "We use the occasion to call attention to the many contributions that senior citizens make in our community, as well as the longevity that some of our older adults are experiencing now."

The 21 Centenarians honored at the event are among 70 Centenarians living in Dutchess County. They were:

  • Barbara Muller,
  • Ruth Lauritsen,
  • Mae Lawson,
  • Mary Linich,
  • Ann Soraci,
  • Daniel Lichtenberg,
  • Hulda Sellingsloh,
  • Sarina Ringwood,
  • Theresa McGann,
  • Rose Conigliaro,
  • Esther Swerdlow,
  • Edith Travis,
  • Anna Thomas,
  • Ethel Doshna,
  • Bess Friedman,
  • Gladys Covin,
  • Mazie Johnson,
  • Harold Goldstein,
  • Theresa Riglione,
  • Anna Mae Swenson and
  • Florence Williams.

Among the Centenarians honored at the event was Florence Williams, age 109, who was born and raised in Poughkeepsie. She is a lifetime member of St. John's Evangelical Church and was the first female dental hygienist in Dutchess County. Florence's newest hobby is Zumba.

To read more about Dutchess County's Senior Citizens of the Year and their accomplishments, visit the Dutchess County Website's page(External Link).