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June is National Parks and Recreation Month

Celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month by visiting all that New York has to offer! Visit this link to get started! (External Link)

New York State's geography is vast and varied, and contains a myriad of lakes, rivers, forests, parks and campgrounds in which people of all ages can enjoy.

Visiting New York's parks and outdoor resources or volunteering is an easy way to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle and with all that New York has to offer, there is something for everyone. Combining wildlife viewing with a healthy walk, or taking an easy to moderate hike once a week, can help older New Yorkers stay active.

NYSOFA is partnering with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (External Link) (NYSDEC) to tell you (and encourage you to tell others) about some of the parks where nature walks, hiking, and wildlife viewing are available. In most cases, admission is free! Why not check out some of the beauty New York State has to offer? Some opportunities for hiking throughout the state(External Link) can be found on the DEC website. Many of these areas contain easy to moderately easy hikes and wildlife viewing areas. There are also trails and campsites that are accessible to individuals who use a wheelchair or scooter (External Link)

Be sure to call ahead with any questions or concerns you may have, and always let someone know when you are going hiking, and where you intend to go. Also, it is a good idea to bring a water bottle and your cell phone when you are visiting any trail system.

According to the AARP (External Link), a growing body of research links more time in nature with reduction of stress and depression, faster healing time, and less need for pain medication.

To find out more about NYSDEC and outdoor recreational opportunities in New York State, visit the NYSDEC's magazine, The Conservationist (External Link), online and check out their new Watchable Wildlife Guide. (External Link)

There is also a great deal of information about state parks, camping, boating, fishing, and other outdoor recreational opportunities on DEC's website. (External Link)