Office for the Aging


Patients' Rights Helpline

In SFY 2013 - 2014, an appropriation of $31,500 was made available to the New York StateWide Senior Action for the Patients' Rights Helpline. New York StateWide Senior Action provides education, information, and advocacy on patient rights, health care and the quality of life for older adults and their families in New York State.

StateWide's Patients' Rights helpline expects to annually assist 500 older adults and caregivers. This helpline is available to callers with specific patients' rights questions and issues. Counselors will also respond to questions and issues raised by email. Patients, providers and/or caregivers calling the Patients' Rights Helpline will receive information on the NYS Patients' Bill of Rights and how those rights may apply to their specific situation. In addition, on a case-by-case basis, the StateWide counselors act as advocates for the patient, calling the appropriate institutions and government agencies. StateWide also refers cases to the Island Peer Review Organization (IPRO) if an individual has a complaint related to a hospital stay. In addition, they can ensure that the patient is accessing the appropriate form of healthcare programs for which they may be eligible.