Office for the Aging


Title V Older Americans Community Service Employment Program (OACSEP)

This program is federally funded and was established in 1965 (see Older Americans Act Title V). SCSEP provides subsidized, part time community service and employment training for people aged 55 and older, who have a household income of no more than one hundred and twenty-five percent ($13,963) over the federal poverty level, are unemployed and have poor employment. The typical Title V participant in New York State is in training at a job site an average of twenty hours a week and is limited to participating in the program for an average of twenty seven months.

In 2012 New York State was assigned 2,905 slots. 2300 of these slots are administered by seven national program sponsors that are directly funded by AOA to serve older New Yorker's (Easter Seals, AARP, Experience Works, National Asian Pacific Center on Aging, National Council on Aging, Senior Services America, Inc. and the National Urban League) and 605 slots that are administered by 29 Area Agencies on Aging (AAA). NYSOFA is the recipient of $5,865,131 of the federal funding which is sub-allocated to the AAAs who serve as program sponsors. Eighteen of the AAAs subcontracts the funding to a local employment training provider to serve as program sponsors.

SCSEP participants work part time under the direct supervision of the host site in a variety of not-for profits community service positions such as in day care centers, home health care/ personal care agencies, hospitals, "green" assignments such as recycling and tree planting programs as well as in governmental offices and services such as libraries, schools, administrative offices. Placements in a host site are facilitated by the program sponsor and are intended to provide experiences that serve as a bridge to unsubsidized employment. Program participants are paid no less than the highest of the federal minimum wage, the state or local minimum wage, or the prevailing wage paid by the same employer for similar public occupations. In addition to wages, enrollees receive training, personal and job-related counseling, physical examinations, outreach, job fairs, job clubs, placement assistance into unsubsidized jobs, and transportation for employment purposes, under certain circumstances. Only 15.5 percent of the funds received by a sponsor can be used to support such activities and the remaining 9.45% can be used for administrative costs.