Office for the Aging


Congregate Nutrition Services (Title III C1, OAA Section 331)

Title III C1 (OAA Section 331) authorizes meal provision and related nutrition services in congregate settings, which help to keep older Americans healthy and prevent the need for more costly medical interventions. Besides meals, services include nutrition screening and education and nutrition assessment and counseling as appropriate. The program also presents opportunities for social engagement and meaningful volunteer roles, which contribute to overall health and well-being.

Services are available to individuals who are age 60 or over and the spouse of an older individual regardless of age. Services may be available to a limited number of individuals who are under age 60 if they are: individuals with disabilities who reside with older individuals, volunteers who provide services during meal hours, individuals with disabilities who reside in housing facilities primarily occupied by older individuals at which congregate nutrition services are provided.

Allied services include nutrition education, nutrition counseling and transportation. More than 950 locations offer congregate nutrition in New York State. They are located in senior centers, senior clubs, senior housing complexes, town halls and other facilities. Contact your local office for the aging).