Office for the Aging


Congregate Services Initiative (CSI)

In the early 1990s, the New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) advocated for discrete funding for a Congregate Services Initiative (CSI) to preserve and enhance funding for programs that promote wellness and ensure that older adults do not face unnecessary isolation and deterioration.

CSI is intended to provide recreational and health-related services in congregate settings. Moreover, it is intended to preserve wellness and health in older adults, thus delaying the future need for more intensive health-related services. By legislative intent, CSI services are aimed at meeting the needs of the well elderly. Allowable CSI services are: information and referral, transportation, nutrition-related services, socialization/companionship, educational and cultural opportunities, counseling, support services for families/caregivers, volunteer opportunities, employment services information, and health promotion and disease prevention services.

In SFY 2012-13, CSI, state funded at $403,000 with local matching funding of $134,355, provided services to about 10,000 older New Yorkers. The funding was used to support more than 9,700 senior center education/recreation group sessions, 33,000 health promotion units, 16,000 rides, 110 hours of nutrition counseling, and 13,000 nutrition education units. In both SFY 2013-14, and SFY 2014-15 CSI received an appropriation of $403,000.