Office for the Aging


Regional Caregiver Centers for Excellence (RCCE)

Regional Caregiver Centers for Excellence (RCCE), which are currently in development, are intended to bolster and strengthen the capacity of the AAAs and other government, community and faith-based caregiver support programs in communities across the state so they may better serve New York's caregivers.

Recognizing the critical need to support the growing numbers of informal caregivers who care for older New Yorkers, as well as caregivers who devote their time to children and adults with special needs, Governor Paterson supported the creation of RCCE and provided funding in the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 state budgets.

RCCE Program Goals and Activities:

  1. Support and strengthen the capacity of the network of AAA caregiver programs and other local government, community and faith-based caregiver programs, and other professionals serving caregivers from across the lifespan (across the age and disability spectrum) through training, technical assistance and/or other supports;
  2. Promote public awareness of caregiver services;
  3. Enhance existing and develop new partnerships with key stakeholders at the local and regional levels in order to increase community resources available to better serve caregivers, and work closely with NYSOFA to facilitate state level coordination and interaction among state agencies;
  4. Stimulate the development of flexible and creative approaches to meeting caregiver needs including the use of evidence-based approaches and innovative, and/or expanded consumer directed approaches; and
  5. Provide respite services to adult caregivers (18 years and older) of older persons (60 and older) and to grandparents or other older relatives (not parents) who are at least 55 and are caring for a child (children).