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NYS Elder Laws and Related Regulations

Elder Law:
The New York State Elder Law was originally enacted in 1965 as part of the Executive Law, Article 19-J (Ch 444, L 1965) and governs the State Office for the Aging and the Area Agencies on Aging. In 2004, the New York State Legislature created the Elder Law (Ch 642, L 2004) in order to provide a new level of focus on issues affecting older New Yorkers and to better identify policy and programs for older New Yorkers.

You can access the NYS Elder Law by clicking on the above link and then clicking on the last hyperlink at the bottom of the page entitled "Laws of New York." On the next page, click on the hyperlink "ELD" Elder Law. The next page brings you to the Articles and Titles of the Elder Law. You should then click on the hyperlink for the Article or Title that you want to view. By clicking on Title 1, you can view the majority of the sections of the Elder Law.

If you are interested in viewing the sections of law that govern the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) program, you will need to click on Title 3. The EPIC program is administered and regulated by the NYS Department of Health. Further information on the EPIC program can be found on the Department of Health’s website.

NYSOFA Regulations:
The regulations governing the State Office for the Aging and the Area Agencies on Aging are located in Subtitle Y of Title 9 of the New York State Codes of Rules and Regulations.

You can access these regulations by clicking on the above link and then clicking on TITLE 9 - EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT. You should then click on the "expansion box" in front of Subtitle Y New York State Office for the Aging. By clicking on the "expansion box", it brings you to the Chapters of NYSOFA's regulations. You would then click the "expansion box" to view the Parts inside of each chapter. By clicking the "expansion box" in front of each Part, you can view the sections contained in each part. To view a particular section, you would click the hyperlink for the section that you would like to view.

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