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An education, training, and technical assistance Academy is the third of three major activities being used to carry out the intent of New York State's Livable New York initiative. Learn about the intent, activities, and underlying principles of the initiative.

Livable New York's first two activities include:
(1) A set of recommendations, which are directly related to the initiative's focus areas and which were developed by a statewide Advisory Workgroup. Read the Livable New York Advisory Workgroup Report.
(2) A Resource Manual, consisting of 120 short articles that are devoted to the initiative's focus areas, which was developed as a technical assistance resource for use by all community members when planning and decision-making actions are being taken to improve the community's level of livability. View the Manual's table of contents, with links to each of the articles.

The third activity, the Livable New York Academy, is under development. It will consist of a community-based three-step process, which is intended to directly support the planning, design, community-evaluation, and project-implementation efforts of communities in their efforts to improve the livability of their neighborhoods.

View a short presentation outlining the Academy's three steps.

An announcement will be made when the Academy process is launched, with information about how it will be implemented.

As the Academy gets underway, information about its progress will continue to be posted on this site.