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New York's communities are changing significantly . . . due to the aging of the baby boomers; increasing longevity; the shifting proportional balance between the elderly and non-elderly populations; loss of specific population groups to other states; and the increasing diversity of our communities, which stems from our robust immigration and migration patterns, increasing numbers of people with disabilities, expansion of cultural and ethnic groups, and growth in the number and variety of nontraditional families and households.

In the face of these changes, the intent of Livable New York is to help municipalities in their efforts to respond to these social and demographic shifts and to help them create livable neighborhoods that reflect the diverse, evolving needs and preferences of all community residents.

Click on the links below to know more about the Livable New York initiative and to learn about the elements that contribute to making a community "livable."

Outline Outline of the Livable New York initiative
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Handout Tri-Fold Brochure handout describing Livable New York
Article Creating Livable Communities (what is a livable community)
§202 NYS Elder Law: Legislative Basis for Livable New York