Office for the Aging


Housing options for older people in New York State

The overwhelming preference of older people is to age in place in their own homes and apartments, and most older people are able to do that.

Aging in place can be a safe and successful experience if the physical aspects of a home accommodate a resident's physical and mental frailties, if the home is affordable, and if residents have easy access to necessary services and activities.

For some older people, changes in their physical, emotional, or mental health, or in their family, social, or financial situations may compromise their ability to continue living where they are. Such changes may persuade an older person to consider relocating to a more supportive living environment.

Whether choosing to age in place . . . or to relocate to another living environment, being an informed consumer-by gathering appropriate information-is critical to making the best housing choice, one that meets a person's needs and preferences.

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