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2012 New York State AmeriCorps Request for Proposals

The New York State Commission on National and Community Service is now accepting applications for the 2012 AmeriCorps State Grant Competition. The 2012 New York State AmeriCorps Request For Proposals (RFP) and all application materials can be found by visiting the New Yorkers Volunteer website(External Link).

Potential applicants are also encouraged to view the 2012 AmeriCorps State Technical Assistance Session which will be available on-demand at the New Yorkers Volunteer website beginning November 15 - December 7, 2011. This video tutorial is designed to assist potential applicant agencies when determining if an AmeriCorps grant is an appropriate resource for their organization, and offers guidance on how to prepare and submit a 2012 AmeriCorps application.

Procurement Name: 2012 New York State AmeriCorps Request for Proposals.

Application Due Date and Time: December 7, 2011 by 05:00 PM EST.

Letter of Intent Required: Not Required.

Eligible Applicants: Private not-for-profit corporations, public agencies, local governments, Native American tribal governments, educational institutions, labor organizations, not-for-profit and community-based organizations including but not limited to secular and faith-based, operating solely in New York State; partnerships or consortia consisting of the foregoing.

Anticipated Program Funds Available: In the 2011 AmeriCorps State & National Federal Notice of Funding Opportunity $349 million was available to award to eligible applicants through the Competitive funding processes. The 2012 Congressional Appropriation level has not yet been determined.

Announcement Notes: Proposals are due December 7, 2011 by 5:00 PM EST. Questions about the content and application process for the 2012 New York State AmeriCorps RFP will be accepted through 11/17/11 and may be Emailed to the New York State Commission on National & Community Service. Responses to Frequently Asked Questions will be posted to the New Yorkers Volunteer website on 11/18/11.